As we come across good people doing good things, The Swell Collective features a tribe member living the tribe values out loud. BE GOOD. DO GOOD. SEE GOOD. SHARE GOOD.

Name: Jackie Jackson
Occupation: Creative Entrepreneur
Organization Name: Maninimono & The Spirit Flower

Contact Info:
Instagram: @jacquerabbit
Twitter: @hijacquerabbit

What change in the world would you like to see through the work you’re doing?

Many of us are breaking through old beliefs and limiting views that keep us from stepping into the greatest versions of ourselves. It’s a beautiful, liberating thing, and I would love to see more professionals (creative and traditional) collectively encourage this dialogue and embrace this path of expansion, integrity, and purpose.

Briefly describe the journey that brought you to the work you are doing today.

My story is a little…different. My father was a staff sergeant in the Air Force, so I grew up with a military background, aka a lot of relocating and strict discipline. As a child, I wanted to be just like Captain Planet. I wanted to have my main homies (who were doing some real good in the world), back them up when they needed it, and just kick ass at whatever I was doing.

After I graduated high school, I went to Hawai’i Pacific University to pursue that path by majoring in International Relations. Along the way, I temporarily fell into the angsty Emo scene: dark skinny jeans, sick sneakers, cool hair, mental anguish. I grew jaded and extremely apathetic to the idea of creating effective, lasting change, but I loved learning about different world cultures and modes of thought. So, I transferred back to my home state and finished my academic studies at UT-San Antonio with a Bachelor’s degree in Cultural Anthropology and double minors in Philosophy and Japanese.

Professionally, I felt like no one knew what to do with an anthropologist in the workplace. Although I did pretty well in the corporate world, it is a place that takes advantage of the sincere and my soul felt it happening. It wasn’t until I literally followed my dreams and moved back to Hawai’i where I found my creative self through haiku and vibrational resonance.

This brought me to the creative entrepreneurial world; and through it, I’ve been able to be true to my inner social scientist. It’s one of the few career paths that hasn’t been fully institutionalized by greed and “bottom-line” mentality. I no longer feel the need to hide who I really am or what I’m passionate about. Creative writing, conscientious language, and critical problem-solving sum up what I LOVE doing, and I am so grateful to honor my true calling, my craft.

What or who inspires you? Why?

I’m inspired by so much. I live an inspirationally-led life, so I find it everywhere…especially being in Hawai’i. Its nature, history, and people are so intrinsically beautiful without even trying. I hope to produce more work with the same level of effortlessness, grace, and substance.

What is your greatest personal or professional challenge at the moment? How are you working to overcome it?

My transition into entrepreneurism is filled with challenges, but my greatest one is undermining my own self-worth. I never want to come across as arrogant, close-minded, and one-dimensional, so I would “play small” to keep off others’ radars. It works when you work towards someone else’s dream, but not when you’re gunning for your own. Replacing those old tapes in my head has been tough, but I’m really blessed to have some amazing souls in my life remind me of who I truly am and where I’m headed. They help me realize that while independence is great, interdependence is phenomenal.

What advice would you give your 18 year old self?

I would say to myself, “Self, after college, here’s what you need to do: Relax. People don’t have to agree with you to understand you. You are love and you are loved. Don’t play small, just be grateful. In fact, go meditate and do some yoga. Find your flow and then you’ll know.”

What is most rewarding about the work that you do?

I love the fact that I help to fully express visions and branding through creative writing/copywriting. I get to collaborate with some incredibly gifted people, and learn more about their world and how they want to deliver positive impact.

Anything else you’d like us to know or share with our fellow Swell mates?

Just wait ’til we have our way. The collective good is coming for that ass. <3

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