Time discovers truth. Time heals what reason cannot. – Seneca the Younger

Ah, Day 4 already! I can’t believe how quickly this week is moving – maybe that’s because I’ve really dedicated quality time to myself and am affording myself the opportunity to participate in this experience. As Deepak says, when you are engaged in something that you’re passionate about, time seems to fly by!

Healing our perception of time is really significant and today’s journal prompts provided opportunity to continue the shift in recognizing time as a healing agent and not something constantly nipping at our heals. I decided to write about how I can increase my down time, inward time and play time. There is a difference in all of these activities and I acknowledge that I could use more time for all three in my life on a daily basis. Rarely ever do I make time to play, and down time and inward time are brief and infrequent. I know there are enough hours in a day to have purposeful time for all of these activities and I have the ability to shift how and where my time is spent so that I an enjoy these necessary prolonged moments.

In the past, my largest obstacles to making time for these activities were my schedule, getting home late from work, and not wanting to unplug from all the digital stimulus when I should. Some nights I would fall asleep with my phone smacking me in the forehead and it would be both jarring and sobering. I was not spending my time doing the things that uplift and help to grow me. Now,  that’s not to say that sometimes it’s nice to unwind and mentally unwind with some browsing on the internet or catching up with my favorites shows but there’s such things as overkill and I was doing it constantly. So, I have resolved to shaving off more time from my digital endeavors in the late evening so that I have more time to allocate to other fulfilling events. I also have a habit of getting cozy in bed with the intent to rest but end up looking at and responding to emails, etc and it always turns into a time and energy depleting situation, even though I tell myself I’m getting things done.

Spending less time online and not falling asleep to open-handed smacks from my phone are quickly becoming the new norm. I am finding more time for meditation twice a day, play time with my family whom I don’t see and interact with nearly as much as I say I’d like to, and spending the down time I carve out on reading books I’ve started but haven’t yet finished, pulling my ukulele out of its case and warming it back up along with the old vocal chords. These are the things that bring my deep seeded joy and fulfillment and I intend to continue making the space available in my life to do them!

We really want to continue to hear your thoughts and feedback on the meditation experience so far. This is the last meditation experience of 2017 hosted by Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey via the Chopra Center Meditation organization. It just started on October 30th and we’re really excited with the theme: Making Every Moment MatterIt isn’t too late to still sign up for this amazing event!

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