About this blog

The Swell is an uprising, a revolution of goodness. We seek to re-imagine the village.

In the not so distant past, it took a village to teach the children, share and grow the wisdom, make art, raise the barns, and sow and reap the harvests. We hope to use the tools of technology to connect a tribe of peaceful revolutionaries, the healers and the creatives, to restore what has been lost of our connectedness, and create a blue print for the peaceful village into the 21st century. This blog represents the front porches, bulletin boards, camp fires, stages and newspapers of our virtual village. We share stories. We shine spotlights. Were there is good growing, we seek to nurture and amplify it. 

We are a wellness and multimedia collective rooted in the principles of ethical collaboration.

Please contact us if you have a story idea or swell news to share. Until then, Be Swell!

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