GratitudeI think most of us would agree that we have much to be thankful and grateful for in our lives. While weʻre not without our individual challenges and hardships, many of us would find it difficult to say that we donʻt already have tremendous blessings we have been, and continue to be, afforded. I havenʻt always operated from a mindset of being showered with abundance and all that I could need in any given moment. I used to think everyone else had it better than I did. It didnʻt really matter what the topic of fixation was: they had “it”, I didnʻt and I wanted it. I was accustomed to doing what many people do – I measured my worth, ability and value by what others had and I perceivably didnʻt.
Eventually this created a seriously skewed perception of what I thought I had or rather, didnʻt have and what I needed in order to be who I thought I wanted to or should be. Through a compounding of a series of tremendous life events over the course of the last five years Iʻve been brought to where I am right now. Be it a divorce, changes in employment, physical illness and recovery or any of the other varied things Iʻve experienced in a brief time, I found my way to this constant view on life that is rooted in gratefulness and deep appreciation. Being faced with your own mortality can be a great motivator for taking off the rose-colored glasses and seeing life for what it really is! My life, this life, is full of abundance on a multitude of levels.
You know that saying “count your blessings” – thatʻs one of the best practices we can engage in on a daily basis.  Did you wake up today? Was the sun shining? Do you have a job to get to and a paycheck with your name on it? Do you have your health; friends and family to share your joys and tears with? Did a stranger extend a smile or nice gesture your way? Did someone or something make you laugh and brighten your day? Are your kids happy and lively? Do you have bills to pay or situations that need ironing out? Gratefulness and opportunities for growth can be found in lifeʻs challenges too and in turn, gratitude lives therein as well. So get going, start counting those blessings – I bet youʻll need more than two hands to keep track of them all!

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